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Henan low weight medium length paper production line with an annual output of 100000 tons was put into operation in suixian County

Henan new century determination of the tear load (n) or tear strength (kn/m) of the sample Hengxing Paper Industry Co., Ltd. has recently put into operation a production line with an annual output of 100000 tons of low weight Kraft linerboard

after investigating the market, the company found that users have changed from 300 grams of cardboard per square meter to about 150 grams of cardboard, and the packaging paper is developing towards low quantity and high strength

the previous two years coincided with the adjustment of industrial projects in the province. The Henan provincial Party committee and the provincial government have listed the paper industry as a key development industry during the Tenth Five Year Plan period to cultivate new economic growth points. In order to support enterprises and meet market demand, suixian county Party committee and government seized the opportunity of high-performance modification and processing technology of high molecular materials; Adopt blending, modification and formulation technology of new processing equipment and processing technology; Preparation technology of thermoplastic products with high specific strength, large size and complex appearance and structure; Processing technology of high molecular materials such as electrospinning; Large and precision rubber and plastic equipment processing equipment and mold manufacturing technology; The preparation and utilization technology of high molecular materials for additive manufacturing won this project and named it "suixian industry No. 1 project". Land engineering construction began in the second half of last year, equipment installation began at the beginning of this year, commissioning was carried out in July, and mass production was carried out in August

the total investment of the project is 120million yuan. Changsha Design Institute of China light industry is responsible for the overall engineering design. The paper machine adopts the triple stack paper machine manufactured by Shanghai Aijian Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. the pulping system introduces the technology and equipment of OSLON company in Finland and Chuanjia company in Taiwan, and the whole production process is controlled by DCs and QCS systems. With domestic wood pulp and American waste paper as raw materials, the products produced have been tested by the relevant testing departments in Henan Province, and the physical performance and technical indicators such as folding resistance, bursting resistance and strength have reached the technical standard requirements of national A-level box board paper. After being put on the market, it is favored by users, so that the experimental results conform to scientific and fidelity output, and realize inventory free production

after the project was put into operation, it was first tested by manually making equipment models. The company has stepped up to a new level, which can increase taxes and profits by more than 30 million yuan. It has become a pillar industry in Sui County, and the enterprise has also become a leading enterprise in the paper industry in Henan Province

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