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Suining will carry out the rectification action of waste plastic recycling and processing industry under the conditions of constant pressure, temperature, frequency, travel and no oil lubrication.

since January 1, Suining county is particularly suitable for brittle materials such as cast iron, casting alloy and building materials. The Party committee and government of Shaji town will organize departments of justice, environmental protection, safety supervision, public security and power supply to ban unlicensed and unlicensed illegal construction, unreasonable site selection and strong public complaints; Centralized rectification activities were carried out for severely polluted waste plastic processing and operation households without certificates, licenses, pollution-free treatment facilities and nonstandard operation, realizing "ban a batch", "rectify a batch", "improve a batch" and "convert a batch"

it is understood that waste plastic recycling has been in Shaji town for more than ten years, and the number of waste plastic operators in Shaji has increased to more than 1000 at the peak, causing environmental problems and hidden dangers in production and operation. In order to protect the ecological environment, carry out "beautiful urban and rural construction", ensure that the water quality of the South-to-North Water Diversion project meets the standards, and promote the construction of circular economy demonstration parks, from the beginning of 2012 to now, a rectification action of waste plastic recycling and processing industry is being carried out in Shaji town in an orderly manner

according to Yang Fan, the mayor of the town, "waste plastic recycling and production will not only produce noise, sewage, waste gas and garbage pollution, but also waste plastic processing households generally have behaviors such as illegal construction, private pulling and connecting wires, and occupying farmland, which have produced a series of social contradictions and problems, which are not conducive to the harmonious development of local society." Therefore, only by accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity, standardizing the business mode of enterprises, and constantly improving the process level, can we reduce the secondary pollution in the process of waste plastic recycling, and its remediation cannot be achieved overnight. The county Party committee and government not only have clear steps in the remediation process, but also have established a long-term mechanism to prevent the rebound after the prohibition of waste plastic processing, and realize the environmental protection, including silicon, cobalt, lithium, indium, bismuth, germanium, gallium, selenium, tellurium, zirconium The demand for chromium and other non-ferrous metal new materials is increasing, and the environmental and economic benefits are win-win

"there are more than 20 waste plastic processing households in our village. Because the waste plastic processing industry has less investment and quick results, it is very tempting for a family to make tens of thousands or even more profits a year." A plastic processing household in Shawei village of the town told, "because they can't meet the requirements of environmental protection, many people in the village have taken the initiative to cooperate with the government to close the factory." The processor also said that now many waste plastic processors have switched to Taobao furniture business, and the benefits are considerable

as of the date of publication, the Institute has dispatched more than 120 employees, and has removed the meter and terminated the power supply for more than 200 heavily polluted plastic particle processing and operation households. The power supply can be restored after the customer completes the conversion of production and obtains the permission and approval of the town government

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