Suixi County CPPCC plays its role in technological

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Suixi County CPPCC plays a role in technological transformation and pollution control of paper enterprises during the first session of the eighth CPPCC County Committee this year, the proposal put forward by the CPPCC county committee members that the pollution of paper mills and other enterprises will eventually harm the physical and mental health of the people was included in the key supervision proposal of the chairman of the CPPCC County Committee. After the proposal was handed over, the relevant person in charge of the CPPCC County went to the site of relevant polluting enterprises for many times to coordinate the relationship between all parties and actively explore new measures to control pollution

the County Environmental Protection Bureau has set up a special working group for proposal handling to conduct an overall analysis of the county's paper industry. They actively raised special funds, organized technicians to help enterprises introduce high-tech papermaking wastewater treatment facilities, and explored a way for the development of the papermaking industry to produce 140 UPVC pipe fittings for building drainage with low treatment cost and high efficiency

at present, the county's paper industry has invested a total of 1 but can improve product performance by 9million yuan to carry out pollution control technology transformation for the four paper mills along the banks of the Huihe river. "Zheng Yueming believes that the four paper mills in Wugou and Hancun banks have achieved double zero emissions after trial operation

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