Analysis of the hottest domestic propylene market

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Analysis of domestic propylene market

the market prices of crude oil, polypropylene and propylene oxide rose again. Among them, the price of PP powder in North China rose to the range of yuan/ton, while the price of propylene oxide rose to the range of yuan/ton. Affected by this, the spot price of propylene from Shandong refinery continues to pick up today, and the sales of all plants are generally good. The self export price and shipment of refineries in other regions continued to improve today

in Northeast China, the propylene sales of refineries are still weak on the whole. Due to the maintenance of downstream devices of Dalian Petrochemical and Jilin Petrochemical, the local refinery resources have expanded rapidly. Today, the refinery price in the region is still at yuan/ton, and the external sales of refineries are generally poor. Except for fixed contract users, most users of refineries are in a wait-and-see state, and the flow of resources to North China and Shandong is still large. Due to the delay of the overhaul period of Jihua, it is estimated that the overall sales status of Northeast China before the "National Day" will be difficult to improve in the short term. Today, after the local Harbin refining company reduced its price to 9100 yuan/ton, its external sales remained weak

the propylene sales situation of Shandong local refinery is comprehensive, which integrates the 5 mines' good understanding of the industry. Shenghou is still in the 30 day overhaul, and the sales of other refineries are generally improved. As users believe that the price has fallen in place and the operating rate of downstream devices has increased, the market is generally in a balanced state. However, due to the price reduction of northeast refineries, refineries are generally cautious about the price increase today. The prices of individual refineries have not been adjusted. Most of them have actual shipment prices between yuan/ton after continuing to implement the yuan/ton discount to users, The manufacturer said that China's machinery enterprises, which are not willing to see any damage to their products, have increased their opening up of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. The rise in downstream polypropylene prices has driven the propylene market, and the wait-and-see attitude of propylene users has also improved with the reduction of resources in Northeast China this week. Qingdao Petrochemical, the refinery with the largest output in the region, has general sales, and the external quotation is stable at 9510 yuan/ton, while Jincheng petrochemical, which also has a large output, has a good sales with its price rising by 50 yuan/ton

the sales of refineries in Hebei and Henan are stable. After the prices of the two refineries in Tianjin were reduced to 9600 yuan/ton, the sales generally improved due to the positive factors of the price recovery in Shandong, while the external sales volume of Sinopec increased. Due to the reduction of self use of the plant, propylene shipments increased,. While the external sales volume of Tianjin ethylene is 200 tons/day, and the sales have improved. Affected by the impact of resources outside the region, the listing price is maintained at 9750 yuan/ton, and the external actual price is 9650 yuan/ton. The price of Zhongyuan today is 9600 yuan/ton, and the overall sales situation is good

due to the reduction of mutual supply, the self output of Northwest LANLIAN has recently increased to tons/day. Under the increasing shipping pressure, the company's external price has remained 9350 yuan/ton, and the sales are average. Affected by the continuous weak price reduction in North China recently, the external price of Baota petrochemical in the region remained 9100 yuan/ton, and sales recovered. Xianyang auxiliary today produces qualified propylene products, which are still increasing,

now the external volume is 150 tons per day, but in September 2015, it suddenly announced that it would not be built, with a price of 9200 yuan/ton

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