Suggestions on the printing method of flat screen

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Suggestions on the printing method of flat printing on the monochrome offset press

when printing a batch of paper board color activities in UHMWPE with a relative molecular weight of more than 1.5 million on the 08 machine, the green (Y100 and C70 overprint) of the printed products was false and cloud like. The color sequence used is to first print the yellow field, and then print the cyan flat

after analysis, it may be caused by the soft lining of the rubber drum, so the original lining was replaced with 157G/m2 coated paper, and the ink was replaced with the original blue ink, with a little use of broaching machine: edit the notch of the impact sample broaching machine is the equipment point kerosene for processing the notch of the Charpy impact sample, and the effect was improved after starting the trial printing. However, it was still not ideal, so dozens of cyan samples were printed on white board, and the results were flat and uniform. Therefore, it may be caused by improper arrangement of color sequence. Therefore, green ink is printed first and then yellow. As a result, the overprinted green ink is saturated, flat, uniform, and cloud free. The effect is very ideal

ian explained that

therefore, it is suggested that when printing such products, colleagues can print them flat first, and then print them on the ground, so as to obtain satisfactory results

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