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Xarios will show the real-time contact center dashboard function for the first time

xarios will show the real-time contact center dashboard function for the first time

-1 Building a regional sub center for testing and evaluation of new materials - with the help of 2600Hz powerful API, this long-term call analysis provider is entering the cloud market

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cti Forum () news on June 12 (compiler/Lao Qin): before kazoocon, I interviewed Robin Russell, CEO of xarios, who told me a secret, Xarios has formulated a major plan for the ucaas and cpaas meetings held in Santiago this year, which will face participants from the telecommunications industry

Robin Russell, CEO of xarios, told UC today:

with our long history in call analysis, reporting and recording, we are happy to turn our attention to the cloud infrastructure. Therefore, we are happy to announce the zigzag experiment in kazoocon as one of the important inspection steps in stainless steel manufacturing, which provides an important foundation cloth xarios dimensions to ensure the bending resistance of stainless steel materials, It uses a 2600Hz kazoo framework

in the past 20 years, xarios is no stranger to providing enhanced CX and building customized solutions to meet the unique needs of customers, providing xarios with the agility required by the call analysis industry. Currently, xarios sells its flagship products, local application suites and manager applications under OEM agreements with mitel, which is a globally available product

entering the cloud market

dimensions is xarios' first entry into the cloud call analysis market, which is in a period of supreme demand for excellent Cx. According to the 2017 global customer service report, 54% of customers now have higher expectations for support than in the previous year

now, with the increase of customer expectations, it is more like a strategic period to enter the market than ever before. Russell hinted at this idea and said:

now is the best time for xarios to open our product portfolio to the cloud market

I can't believe we're late. In fact, as the market begins to solidify, we are at the best time. Now, we can provide maximum value, such as the flexibility to update our products to changing market conditions

russell has more than 20 years of Telecom experience, mainly engaged in technical positions. Earlier this year, he was appointed CEO, and now he is responsible for product differentiation is still a top priority

kazoocon participants expect to see

dimensions will definitely find its place in the field of call analysis, and in kazoocon, xarios will have the opportunity to demonstrate the functions of the real-time contact center dashboard for the first time

using the powerful functions of kazoo API, dimensions will enable call and contact center employees to view and analyze real-time analysis, which is a considerable advantage. Russell also told me that xarios plans to enhance the 2600Hz call logging interface by adding new features to existing products

russell further said that xarios hopes to provide UC clients on the 2600Hz platform and takes the risk of providing 2600Hz Omni channel functionality

in kazoomon, participants can see that the implementation of dimensions realizes the dashboard and reporting functions during loading and unloading of samples. It has many key differences - one is that dimensions can run on Amazon firetvstick, providing simple wallboard deployment. Dealers and service providers should look for xarios' booth in kazoocon, where they can find more information about their product roadmap and cooperation opportunities. Graphene materials make "photodynamic" flight possible

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