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X-ray foreign body detection equipment: broken bones, quick prototype

principle of X-ray foreign body detection

like all X-ray image technology, X-ray foreign body detection system can detect dense impurities in food by measuring the absorption of different substances to X-ray 2017 Shandong first Centennial Brand Forum and China industrial brand tour Shandong station held grandly in Jinan. If the product contains any substance with higher density and the additive has been tested according to the American Society for testing and materials standards, the X-ray energy will produce a local reduction in density. The system considers that the product contains impurities and removes them from the production line through the elimination mechanism. Since the density of most foods is the same as that of water, it is easy to figure out what substances can be detected. Just put them into a glass of water to know. If they sink to the bottom of the water, they can be detected by X-ray detectors (metal, glass, bone, etc.), while substances floating on the water cannot be detected (rope, paper, wood, etc.)

conveyor belt X-ray detector

this system is used to detect segmented chicken. During operation, a single piece of meat passes between two conveyors in a column. During detection, pay attention to controlling the thickness of the product, because the equipment can achieve the best sensitivity only when the thickness is uniform

the biggest problem in detecting chicken breast meat is that the fork bone will enter the muscle, which is difficult to detect manually. The reliability of detection using conveyor X-ray detector can be as high as 95%

with the improvement of the performance of new materials, metal detectors use X-ray photography technology to control products. Devices of other technologies overcome the problem through image processing, but slow down the detection process, and the rejection rate becomes very high due to misoperation

pipeline X-ray detection system

this technology is generally used to detect meat that needs further processing. Its advantage is that it has a very high detection speed, which can generally reach 3 ~ 10 tons per hour. And in all kinds of detection methods, the detection level of this technology may be the highest. It has been proved that bones as small as 3 cubic millimeters can be reliably detected by this equipment

when working, Chicken goes through a 2.5 "The pipeline is sent into the rectangular detection head through the vacuum pump. Once the bone is detected, the removal information will be transmitted to the three-way removal valve, and the meat containing the bone will be removed from the production process.

the product temperature will affect the smooth transportation of chicken in the pipeline, and meat below minus 1 ℃ will cause process interruption and loss of product removal quantity. In order to achieve the best working effect, the meat products tested should The temperature should be kept at the appropriate temperature

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