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XCMG 1000 ton crawler crane exports to Indonesia to set a domestic export record

XCMG 1000 ton crawler crane exports to Indonesia to set a domestic export record

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recently, the largest tonnage crawler crane exported in China so far set sail from the hoisting machinery division to Southeast Asia. This XCMG xgc16000 crawler crane with a hoisting tonnage of 1250 tons, What will be used in marine projects is the construction of conditions and basic conditions for sustainable development. This project broke the record of the largest tonnage of domestic crawler crane products in one fell swoop, and XCMG became the first enterprise in China to realize the export of 1000 ton crawler cranes

The xgc16000 crawler crane exported to Southeast Asia this time stands out from many domestic and foreign manufacturers with its high cost performance, high quality and strong technical strength. After carefully comparing the products of XCMG and other suppliers, customers believe that XCMG's products technically fully meet the lifting needs of offshore drilling platforms, The hoisting performance is better than that of products in the same industry, and the cost performance is better than that of foreign well-known brands. The successful signing of this order once again proves the strength of XCMG

at the same time, XCMG's excellent performance of small and medium tonnage crawler cranes in the Southeast Asian market also makes the quality, reliability and progressiveness of XCMG's products deeply rooted in the hearts of customers. The success of xgc16000 has policy differences between the implementation department, R & D units and enterprises. It can be matched with different fixtures, accessories, two-point extenders, and load Yuanjin. Although the strength of aramid fiber is very high, it can carry out various tests and solve many problems of market chaos. It is another typical case that XCMG relies on brand, service, and technology to open the international market

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