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XCMG 2016 BMW dream team: Superman xa/l6025

XCMG 2016 BMW dream team: Superman xa/l mobile and flat arm tower crane

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Bauma China 2016 (Shanghai BMW exhibition) will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2016. XCMG competes with construction machinery manufacturers from all over the world and shares the biennial Top Asian construction machinery exhibition

XCMG participated in BMW 2016

as a leader in the global crane industry, XCMG has attracted much attention at every international exhibition, whether it is Bauma exhibition in Germany, INTERMAT exhibition in France, CONEXPO exhibition in the United States, or the upcoming BMW exhibition in Shanghai. The nine new crane products sent by XCMG this time form the "XCMG BMW dream team". Let's put them together. Like the stars in science fiction movies, they are all the pinnacles of science and technology, full of domineering

there are many types of tower cranes. Their common feature is that they have a vertical tower body with a boom on its upper part. The working range can be changed, and there is a large lifting and working space. Xal, a new tower crane product of XCMG at the BMW exhibition, is a dual-use product with boom and flat arm advantages. If compared with characters in science fiction movies, "Superman" is undoubtedly the best choice

Superman's speed is faster than flying bullets, and its power is greater than that of a locomotive. Similarly, XCMG provides the exact xal tower crane. The working efficiency of the tower crane is faster than that of the traditional boom and flat arm tower cranes, and it is no inferior to the products of the same tonnage model in terms of rated maximum lifting torque


combines the "two" into one, and makes efficient use of the core advantages of G technology platform

XCMG xal tower crane is faster than the traditional boom and flat arm tower crane, and it is no inferior to the products of the same tonnage model in terms of rated maximum lifting torque

the jib crane is used for lifting and transporting various prefabricated structural parts, building materials and equipment installation. Its lifting height and effective working range are large, and its operation is simple and efficient. The boom fluctuation angle of the boom of the boom tower crane is between 15 and 85 degrees, which greatly broadens the capacity and working range of the equipment. Compared with the flat arm tower crane, the large elevation angle of the boom tower crane is equivalent to increasing the height of the tower body, and the effectively expanded working range is almost the hemispherical space with the boom length as the radius, which is of great significance for the construction of the main structure and the hoisting of high-rise components on the main structure

the new xal boom and flat boom dual-purpose tower crane is a new masterpiece on XCMG G technology platform. It perfectly integrates the advantages of the two, reflects the high lifting capacity of the boom tower crane and the high efficiency of the flat arm, and can realize the rapid switching of functional modes. In the boom mode, you can obtain a greater independent height working mode. The hinge height in the independent state is 66.5 ~ 78.5m, and the lifting height is 80 ~ 1. The key backbone enterprise of new materials with high scientific and technological content, strong market competitiveness, strong independent brand and good comprehensive benefits is 25m, and the lifting weight is 20t. In addition, the new concept of boom and boom dual-purpose technology perfectly solves the relationship between large lifting weight and high efficiency

XCMG xal boom and flat boom dual-purpose tower crane

integrated interconnection +, leading the era of intelligent tower crane

xal tower crane, combined with XCMG's new xgt-amcs XCMG tower crane auxiliary management control system, makes the tower crane have intelligent control and intelligent management functions, enhances the tower crane's ability to predict accidents, automatically avoids accident risks, and the working mode is switched with one key, which is efficient, fast, safe and reliable

in addition, the system integrates "interconnection plus" technologies such as double luffing safety control, intelligent operation control and fault self diagnosis interaction, user equipment independent control, user independent design requirements, and has working environment identification, safety early warning function, product information query and new product release platform, highlighting the value of intelligent introduction for recycled plastic granulator equipment manufacturers

humanized design shows high quality and high-end

man machine integration technology, which has been fully applied in XCMG xal tower crane. Xal adopts a new industrial shape and ergonomic design of the cab and the new linkage platform, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also makes the driver more comfortable in operation, containing XCMG spirit and soul

xal is a new concept of boom and flat arm function combined tower crane, which reflects the large lifting capacity of boom and the high efficiency of flat arm, and can realize the rapid switching of function mode. It is the latest scientific and technological achievement of XCMG's active participation in the national support plan project "large tower crane research and industrialization development". XCMG tower crane is not satisfied with its past honors. It fully relies on the platform and resources of XCMG group, focuses on technology research and development capabilities, increases product transformation, and creates heavy products with high technology, high cost performance and high reliability

XCMG, as a world-class enterprise of construction machinery, is leading a group of dream seekers who "climb Mount Everest bravely". Using advanced R & D system and manufacturing technology, XCMG will never stop on the road of independent R & D and green R & D, and provide solutions for global engineering construction and sustainable development

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