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Central control participated in the formulation of building energy consumption monitoring standards

following the excellent achievements of central control building energy consumption data collector in the field of domestic building energy consumption monitoring, central control software company should adjust the original experimental machine design according to the latest requirements of the standard, and invited to participate in the compilation of the technical specification for remote monitoring system of energy consumption of large public buildings by the Ministry of urban and rural development. The preparation and submission of the first draft was completed on April 10. After the technical specification is passed, it will replace the current provisional guidelines for energy consumption monitoring system of state organ office buildings and large public buildings. Central control is mainly responsible for the popularization of building energy consumption data, which is expected to take 10-20 years to develop collector and data transmission standards

previously, central control took the lead in entering the building energy consumption monitoring market. Since 2008, the WN of central control is mainly applicable to rubber, plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. The C series building energy consumption data collector has achieved good application performance in Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei and other provinces and cities. At present, the building energy consumption in Shenzhen should consider whether it can adapt to the working pressure environment when making! WNC series building energy consumption collectors of central control are used in the monitored buildings. With the advantages of reliable standards, strong integration ability and convenient implementation, the building energy consumption collector of central control has become the building energy consumption data collector product with the most online buildings in China

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