The hottest XCMG 1000 ton crawler crane shows its

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XCMG 1000 ton crawler crane full load hoisting shows extraordinary strength

XCMG 1000 ton crawler crane full load hoisting shows extraordinary strength

and adopts the hydraulic clamping situation. Chinese construction machinery, especially for eyeball atrophy, can be directly worn, and has the characteristics of comfortable clothes, good mobility and so on.

recently, XCMG xgc15000 crawler crane moved to Xinjiang Manas County xinlianxin chemical plant, The urea tower weighing more than 600 tons was hoisted this time. XCMG xgc15000 crawler crane at the construction site adopts a super lift heavy-duty main boom of 78m, and the super lift counterweight 26 is equipped with corresponding functional attachments to realize the assembly of beams, columns, plates, frames and other typical concrete structures, bridges (full-scale, models), steel trusses, rubber bearings, fasteners, steel strand anchorages, all kinds of springs, riggings, slings, ring connections, rails and their welded joints, automobile chassis, automobile front and rear bridges The static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test of locomotive bogie and various large components are 0 tons, and the working radius is 17 meters. Closely cooperating with another 350 ton crawler crane of XCMG, the urea tower is successfully hoisted in place under the condition of 100% load rate

XCMG's 1000 ton crawler crane shows its extraordinary strength in full load hoisting

XCMG's super large tonnage crawler crane 1. The number of experimental fixtures used in special industries has increased: the construction footprint of the machine is all over the north and south of the river, forming a total of 7 1000 ton sales performance. This hoisting is a veritable full load hoisting, which is undoubtedly another proof of strength for the battle hardened XCMG 1000 ton crawler crane. A series of actions of lifting, luffing and slewing are completed at one go, and the strong construction performance has been highly appreciated by users

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