The hottest Wuzhong dairy industry is speeding up

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Wuzhong's milk industry is accelerating towards high-quality development

release date: Source: Xinhua Ningxia Channel

the annual output of raw and fresh milk is 850000 tons, and the annual output value is 3 billion

recently, Yili Group and the relevant persons in charge of Wuzhong City held detailed discussions on the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the milk industry. Yili Group plans to invest 2.03 billion to speed up the construction of phase III liquid milk processing project in Wuzhong, which has pressed the "fast forward" key for improving the quality and efficiency of the city's dairy industry, and is the second largest biomass source on the earth after plant fiber

after Yili Group settled in Wuzhong in 2010, it has successively built 30 production lines of liquid milk and normal temperature yogurt and 2 production lines of cow feed. The production of liquid milk reached 600000 tons, and the purchase of fresh milk was 847100 tons. It adjusted thallium to distribute milk funds of 3.132 billion to zero farmers. After the completion of the third phase of liquid milk processing project, the daily production capacity will reach 4100 tons, ranking first in the world. It can achieve sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 200 million yuan and provide 4000 jobs for Wuzhong City every year

in recent years, Wuzhong City has taken the dairy industry as a powerful starting point to promote the transformation and development of agricultural economy and increase farmers' income. It plans to enter the tai1 Yingtuo technology company in Hengli Town in an all-round way, build a full chain, build three dairy farming core areas, namely, Wuzhong national agricultural science and Technology Park, Wulipo in Litong District, and Yanshan in Qingtongxia, introduce six institutions such as China Agricultural University to carry out technical services, and demonstrate and drive 103 large-scale farms to achieve refinement Intensive management, the improved breed rate, mechanical milking rate and silage feeding rate of dairy cows all reached 100%. At present, the city produces 2300 tons of fresh milk a day, with a large-scale rate of 98%, which is 4% higher than the national average level, and should be carried out 5 percentage points before demoulding; The average unit yield of dairy cows reached 9 tons, 2 tons higher than the national average level; The cost of fresh milk decreased by 0.1/kg to 0.2/kg, with an annual output of 850000 tons and an annual value of 3 billion

driven by leading dairy enterprises such as Yili and Wahaha, the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of Wuzhong's dairy industry are highly integrated, and the whole upstream and downstream industrial chain is integrated, with a total output value of more than 10billion. Seven dairy and plastic packaging enterprises have been established, with an output value of 780million packaging cartons and an annual output value of 250million logistics, driving more than 15000 jobs

at present, the scale, standardization and intensification of the dairy industry in Wuzhong City have been continuously improved, realizing the integrated development of industries and the increase of farmers' income, and promoting the green and high-quality development of the city's agricultural economy. Focusing on the goal of "planting good grass, raising good cattle, and selling good milk", we should improve the benefit connection mechanism of the dairy industry, promote the combination of planting and breeding with grass and livestock, speed up the expansion of cows, supplement fences, improve technical services, and create a "model area" for the development of the dairy industry in the region

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