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Fire extinguishing measures in the mine technology

when a fire occurs in the mine, measures should be taken around the following aspects

(1) protect the safety of underground workers and quickly evacuate the staff in the fire area. First, evacuate the personnel in the area directly threatened by the fire, and further consider the safety of personnel in the area where the fire gas may be immersed. When making plans to prevent and deal with accidents, we should first arrange the roads, alarm signals and refuge chambers for personnel to evacuate in case of fire at any place in the mine. In the formulation of mining design, we should consider the safety exit, which should be well maintained at ordinary times, with good lighting and road signs, and the personnel entering the well should be equipped with auxiliary lighting, so that they can evacuate quickly in case of an accident

(2) quickly control the fire. To control the fire, first of all, keep the normal ventilation system from changing due to the occurrence of the fire, which requires understanding the change law of air flow after the fire in the mine. According to the law, take decisive measures immediately to quickly control the fire in a certain area or section, and try not to expand the scope of the fire as much as possible

(3) investigate the fire area, ensure the organization and implementation of advanced and applicable intelligent manufacturing technology, and carry out pilot demonstration of ignition sources. The purpose of this work is to find out the location of the fire source, the nature and scope of the fire, and the basic cause of the fire in time, except for special requirements. The basic situation near the fire source (including personnel, facilities, etc.) and the direction and speed of fire spread. At the same time, check the situation of the roadway leading to the fire area, and find the shortest and safest route to the fire source location, so as to provide favorable conditions for fire fighting. The mine rescue team is responsible for detecting the fire source

(4) organize forces, determine the correct fire-fighting methods and carry out fire-fighting work according to the reconnaissance results

2 control of air flow in case of fire

in case of fire in the mine, the air flow shall be properly controlled to ensure the safe withdrawal of personnel, prevent the spread and expansion of fire and smoke, and create favorable conditions for extinguishing the fire

(1) ensure normal ventilation and stable air flow

(2) adjust the air flow and change the original ventilation condition, including maintaining the wind direction, reducing the air supply (air reduction), stopping the main fan (air stop) or blocking the local air flow, reversing the air flow (reverse wind). When the fire just happened, the fire gas flowed along the original air flow direction. After the fire developed rapidly, the air composition in the tunnel affected by the fire, which made the blow molding machine produce big data, would change. The most important thing was that the temperature increased, resulting in a hot air pressure similar to the natural wind pressure. This wind pressure can cause the reversal of wind flow in local areas in the mine (reverse wind flow). This reversal of air flow is extremely harmful. It will destroy the normal ventilation system, cause the spread of fire smoke and cause poisoning death of underground personnel, and increase the difficulty of fire extinguishing. The fire accident in the second mining area of Jinchuan company was caused by the reverse wind flow. Therefore, in case of fire, great attention must be paid to the formation of fire wind pressure and the change of air flow direction in the fire area. The way to prevent the reversal of air flow is to immediately establish a firewall in front of the fire source to reduce the flow of fire smoke into adjacent mining areas

(3) the rationality of fan operation during a fire is directly related to whether the fire can be extinguished quickly. When a fire occurs, the direction of air flow control is as follows: normal ventilation or reduced air volume. In case of fire in the main return air duct, the parking lot at the bottom of the return air shaft and the return air shaft, this method can be considered, which can control the fire area and prevent the fire from spreading; Artificial reverse wind. When there is a fire in the main air inlet duct, air inlet shaft and shaft bottom yard, the mine wide anti wind should be carried out immediately, and the anti rust oil applied during packaging should be cleaned to prevent the smoke from invading the underground mining area, causing casualties; Stop the wind. After the fire, local air stop can be adopted according to the specific situation; The air flow is short circuited and blocked by fire doors. This method is generally used in local areas, such as underground chambers and other local areas

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