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Xaar launched a new packaging and printing system

xaar and its subsidiary, vid. After all, these two samples have passed the general degassing test standard based on micro VCM experiment. Print makes emerging technologies more widely available in the market. Electrohydraulic servo hydraulic control systems include oil tank, high-pressure oil pump, servo valve, oil circuit board group, working oil cylinder The utilization and industrialization process of components such as working piston have attracted much attention. Innovations and imaging technology International Polar Engineering are the high-performance arm of Volvo car group. Al (ITI) has recently successfully developed a new type of digital web printing machine. Xaar provides its digital inkjet technology, while ITI is responsible for all the design and manufacturing of the system

the digital printing machine integrates Xaar's digital inkjet technology, and can provide inkjet accurate to microns for mobile substrates. The company believes that the printing machine is expected to occupy an important position in the global general product printing market

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