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Dear Sir,

How fed up can one get with the losing Remainers and non residents who spout on about the fact the UK didn’t know what it was voting for in the referendum or that the Leave politicians lied to themThe public health service, wit. Even now they think a second referendum should be held to be sure we really meant what we said and to give Boris a bloody nose. My wife and I didn’t vote to Leave because we were in Mallorca and administrators lost our postal vote but we would have definitely voted Leave given the chance. Let me point out, a lot of people didn’t believe that any politician told the total truth in the campaign, except possibly “Marmite” Nigel Farage who was as close as anyThere should not be a single booth empty.. The endless debates to derail the vote for years afterwards was painful and using May to do anything proved a pointless waste of time.

Why did most of the UK population vote to leaveThe first to arrive from Pfizer? By far and away the main reason was the amount of uncontrollable immigration and the consequential scale of decline in social services, pressure on housing and depressed incomes for smaller businesses. This was meanly described as xenophobic and racist but as most Europeans look identical to British inhabitants that simply can not be trueThe previously experimental messenger RNA, or mRNA, process..

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